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Uppsala Vandrarhem & Hotell was founded in 2004, then under the name Uppsala City Hostel. The first rooms were built on S:t Persgatan 16, in a building that used to hold offices. Today the hostel contains 58 beds divided into 21 rooms.

At the end of the summer of 2005 the doors were opened to our apartments for extended stays on Tegnérgatan, in the popular district Luthagen. Each of the nine apartments has a private kitchen section and wc / shower.

In the autumn of 2006 the first stage of constructing new hostel rooms at Kvarntorget was completed. Uppsala City Hostel thereby acquired another 16 rooms. The building where the hostel is located used to be a shopping centre and you can still find traces from this era in the building. For example, next to the lobby you can see the bank vault that was used by Uppsala’s first drive-in-bank! Uppsala City Hostel was the first tenant to enter the building after extensive reconstructions. Since then a number of different restaurants, shops and private tenants have established in the building.

At the beginning of 2008 we also opened a hotel at Kvarntorget. The hotel has 19 room (totally 38 beds). As we opened the hotel we changed our name from Uppsala City Hostel to Uppsala Vandrarhem & Hotell and we also changed our logotype.

Both hostels are associated to the STF, the Swedish Tourist Association, which in turn is part of the international organisation HI, Hostelling International.  The hotel is associated to your Hotel.

Uppsala City Hostel and the ENVIRONMENT

We think that it is very important to do what we can in order to show respect for the environment in our daily work at the hostel. Here are some examples of measures we have taken so far:
- We use electricity from a partly owned wind power station.
- In order to reduce excessive use of electricity we have installed sensors and timers connected to lamps in parts of the hostel.
- We encourage our guests to sort out their garbage and put them in our recycling bins.
- We have installed sensors in the showers to reduce excessive use of water.
- In order to reduce the use of paper we have installed hand dryers in several WCs.
- We use eco-labelled cleaning products only.
- We use eco-labelled paper only in our reception.

We certainly continue to improve our knowledge of environmental issues and to work out new solutions that improve our work from an environmental point of view. Please let us know if you have any suggestions of how we can improve our environmental work!




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